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research and project directors

Leading the research and content of the 2016 Architecture and Design Forecast are Gorman/Birrell, communications and strategy specialists. With over 30 years of combined experience in projects for design, architecture, property and infrastructure, Gorman/Birrell and Niche lead the team in building this forecast from the ground up, providing relevance, insight and direction for Australian practices, suppliers and those who plan for the industry.

Paul mcgillick

Co-Director of Content

As one of the most senior and respected observers and commentators on the Australasian design scene for the past 40 years, Dr. Paul McGillick has written, published, lectured and consulted on all aspects of the built environment. As Co-Director of Content for the Forecast, McGillick contributes keen perception and invaluable insight to the sections on residential and workplace, contributing across the report to the analysis and recommendations.

Stephen Todd

Co-Director of Content

Stephen Todd has combined his 25 years of experience in writing, editing and the creation of content with long periods of residence in Paris, New York and throughout Europe. Having created some of the most remarkable and innovative publications in the lifestyle sector he has contributed to The New York Times, Le Monde, The Financial Times and The Australian. Recently returned to Australia, he writes and consults broadly on design, architecture and built environment with an unerringly perceptive eye on contemporary culture - and is Co-Director of Content for the Forecast.

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Chris Rennie


Chris has been in publishing for over 25 years - initially owning his own publishing business, then working across books and magazines for small start-ups to large multinationals like Lonely Planet. He was publishing director at Murdoch Books, a leader in food and design book publishing. Most recently, he has been leading the Architectural division at Niche Media. His desire is to create content that inspires people across creative industries.

Marcus Piper

creative director

The creative force behind the majority of Australia’s leading architecture and design publications for the past 15 years, Marcus Piper brings a highly respected level of industry understanding and creative refinement to the Forecast. Marcus is Editor and Creative Director of Mezzanine Magazine, launched in late 2015.

Niche Media


We are a privately owned Australian business based in Melbourne. Our two owners, Nick Dower and Paul Lidgerwood, have worked in media for over 25 years, working on and in some of Australia’s most successful brands – Crown, CUB, Coles, Mitre 10, ANZ, Fairfax and Pacific Publications. The Niche business consists of two symbiotic halves: our owned media and our agency business. Both are driven by passionate, enthusiastic and experienced storytellers, commercial specialists, designers and project managers.

The 2016 Architecture and Design Forecast examines the trends and developments we can expect to see in 2016 and beyond across five broad areas of content


Against the backdrop of population growth set to rival what Australia experienced in the 1970’s we need to address the issues of densification and the amenity of our cities and their suburbs. Multi-residential design and building is a new focus, apartment approvals will outstrip landed houses for the first time in 2016. What are the international examples from which we can determine new trends about how people are expressing their desires to live in greater density? How do we overcome Australia’s limitations in urban transport infrastructure and deliver community in the context of our multiresidential development? What’s driving demand for apartments and the way people want to live in them and how can we plan for the new expectation of both the young and the old to live in or near the City?


That the Australian population is ageing isn’t news. What is news is that those that are ageing are not behaving the way most planners, policy makers and cultural observers thought they would. We’re experiencing the beginnings of a massive shift in how well the aged are ageing. Retirement is a very abstract notion to the ever youthful baby boomer as the first wave of this demographic approach their mid-60’s. The millennials, previously thought to be at the opposite end of the age spectrum and light years apart from the perceptions and attitudes of their boomer parents are now showing an incredible alignment of interests and preoccupations with the ageing. And what have we done to design and plan for this exponentially increasing sector of the population? The answers are in the Forecast and they are remarkably surprising.


There is both a revolution and an evolution going on in the workplace and the Forecast reveals that the new workplace is being driven by rapidly, radically changing notions of how business sees itself, sees its relationship with its employees and the constant desire to attract the best and brightest talent. The experts are widely acknowledging we will forever be playing catch up with the massive pace of change in communications and information technology but a new focus on work life balance is shifting away from the separation of home and office or even home as office to a systemic approach to liveability and wellness in the workplace. Design for the workplace is changing too and will change more rapidly in the coming years than it has in the past decade.

Public Space

In our lifetime, in fact, within a very short time, 80% of the world’s population will live in cities. The City is the new focus, the new desirable address and the new Mecca. As densification and concentration of urban space increases, where are the tendencies in public space. In fact, how will we define and redefine what is public and private in the coming years? Design and architecture have a massive and fascinating new role to play in leading the conversation on how our cities are going to cope with and cope well with the influx of populations across Australia and the World. The implications for public space are exciting and of developing importance in 2016.


Chances are, whether you are an Australian or a visitor to Australia, your exposure to a very sophisticated level of design and build is likely to take place when you venture outside of home or hotel - and into the exciting and developing built environment of the Australian hospitality sector. The eyes of the World are upon us… for two years Tourism Australia has promoted this country to overseas visitors primarily through the beatification of our food and drink and produce growing regions. Conde Nast Traveller has named Australia as unique destination of the year. The perfect storm of food, wine and reality tv have conspired to make us the nation who cannot get enough of coffee, eating out and holidays. We look at how Australia is rising to the new role in the spotlight through looking at the importance of design and the developments of the built environment in the hospitality industry at all levels of the sector.

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